Jan 9, 2010

Something to make your feet a little warmer

Last week I decided to break out the sewing machine I bought over the summer…you know the one I have used soooo much since buying it in August. Opps. I’m going to to blame it on having horrible morning all day sickness for about 15 weeks and then being busy with school. 

I decided to make some rice filled toe warmers for Jon and I. I got the instructions here. She breaks everything down and has great pictures so it made it pretty easy.

Here is my final product


I thought the fabric was cute and it matches our bedroom and living room so it looks cute wherever I leave it. I just heat it up for a couple of minutes in the microwave and it is great a warming cold toes or relieving sore backs (which is happening more and more often with me).

My photography class was great on Thursday night. I learned a lot in just one night, I can’t wait to see what I learn as the class goes on. He gives us assignments each week, which is perfect because it will force me to practice and hopefully that will help the information sink in.

I was playing around with my camera this morning and since Aedan is not here yet, this little big guy will have to suffer through being my subject for awhile. :)


As you can see he is thrilled.


We are going to lunch with Jon’s family today and then hopefully picked out a color to paint the nursery! I’m going to get Jon to take a 30 week belly picture today…I can’t believe I am already that far along! We have got to get busy!


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Chelsa said...

glad you had fun at your class :)