Nov 11, 2010

Things We Love Part 8

Part 8! You mean my little bitty baby is just about to be 8 months old! Good grief!

When I started thinking of the top 5 things we have used this month, this is the first thing that came to mind. We use this outdoor swing at least once a day, if not more. Aedan loves it. It’s kind of funny because he was never a big fan of his newborn baby swing. We used it for naps but that is about it. But he has loved this outdoor swing from day one. I was trying to decided between this swing and a blue one without a tray. I am so glad I got the one with a tray. Aedan loves to bang on it and we will put toys on it for him to play with when we are just sitting outside. Right now we have it hanging on our front porch but we are also going to make a place to hang it from our pergola since we have been outside enjoying a chiminea more lately.


Next on the list would have to be these name bands from Inchbug. Sarah had them on her list of favorites and I would have to agree that they are great. Aedan goes to his sitter’s house two days a week and I usually take one or two bottles plus a sippy cup over there for him. His sitter’s takes care of a few other kids as well and sometimes a sippy cup will get placed in someone else's bag. These labels are perfect. They fit around his bottles and sippy cups and now his sitter easily knows what belongs to him. I love that I was able to put his first and middle name on them too. I know we will be using these for a long time!


Next on the list is shape sorter. Of course Aedan is a long way from being able to put the blocks in the correct shape holes, but he loves to take all the blocks out and bang them together. I fill up the bucket with the blocks and various other toys and he takes them out one by one. image 

I started giving Aedan mum mums a few months ago and he still loves them. We started to give him puffs last month and then I decided I was tried of spending more money on “baby” snacks and just bought a big box of cheerios. He loves them. After I give him breakfast, I put some cheerios on his high chair tray and he goes to town. It gives me time to unload/load the dishwasher and get bottles ready for the day.



Last on our list for this month is our BOB stroller. My parents bought us this stroller before Aedan was born. We knew this would be the stroller we wanted as soon as we found out we were having a baby. Seriously if you live in Austin, I think there is a 90% chance that you own this stroller (well if you have a baby of course). When I am out walking around Town Lake, I lose count of how many BOB strollers we pass. We used it with Aedan’s infant seats for a few months but quickly learned that he does much better when he can see out so we started putting him in the seat. This stroller is easy to maneuver and handles rough trails wonderfully. We take a family walk every evening and this comes with us every time.


That sums up the things we love this month. What about you guys, is there something that you have been using recently that you or your baby loves?

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Chelsa said...

corbin loves to snack on cheerios too! and he also loves the outside swing (and didn't love his inside swing too much)! his favorite toy is the cone thing that you put rings around... he puts them on and off and loves to throw them across the room of course! lol