Nov 23, 2010

Something Soft

Aedan has never been a huge fan of a pacifier. We tried when he was little and he would sometimes take one like this. But generally someone would have to hold it in his mouth for him. Maybe we should have worked with him on keeping it in his mouth on his own, but I’m kind of glad he doesn’t need one. We are never having to frantically look around for the missing paci and he doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night needing someone to come give him back the dropped paci.

Recently Jon gave Aedan a few of the pacifiers we have in his drawer. Aedan thought they were so much fun to bang together and drop off his swing tray. He played with them in the bathtub and on his blanket, but never once put it in his mouth to suck.

Ok so Aedan is not a pacifier kind of guy. Do you know what he does like? Soft blankets or stuffed animals. He will reach for any blanket or stuffed animal and instantly bring it to his face. He brings it close to his cheek and then starts to make sucking sounds. He sometimes will stick the soft item in his mouth, but he quickly realizes it doesn’t taste as good as it feels.


As soon as we hand him something soft, this is what he does. It cracks us up.


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Chelsa said...

aww, that's so sweet!
c is obsessed w/ shoes. lol! anytime anyone has shoes on in the room he goes straight for their feet. haha what a weird obsession!