Jan 9, 2011

The Weekend

Jon and I both had a pretty stressful week at work. Jon is having to go on site for a couple of weeks for a big project and then next week he is going to training in Minnesota for another big project. Then there are some things going on with the company I work for and I had to make some big decisions this week. I can’t go into much detail yet, but things aren’t going quite as planned. I know that in the long run things will all work out, but man it is stressful to be in the middle of it!

Needless to say we were both ready for the weekend. Friday night we just stayed home and relaxed. Then we had a lazy Saturday morning. Aedan was super excited to have Jon home for the morning. Since Jon has been on site all week, he leaves around the time Aedan gets up and then they only have a short time together in the evening before Aedan goes to bed.


After Aedan’s morning nap we decided to go shopping for a baby gate (I got tired of moving the chairs to block the kitchen off). I had a pretty specific baby gate list. I wanted something that was pressure mounted since it will be going against cabinets on one side and I didn’t want put holes in those. Second, I wanted one with a “door” so that we didn’t have to take it down all the time to let Hiro get in and out. Third, our doorway is a weird size. It is bigger than most doorways, but not big enough to need a huge gate. We headed to Baby’s R Us to check out there selection. There was one gate that matched my criteria. Just one. It made the decision process pretty easy. When we got home, Jon set it up and it is working pretty nicely. Hiro is not sure what to think about it. He is a little big chicken, so it will probably take some time before he gets used to having to walk through it to get outside and to his food (he hasn’t eaten since we set the gate up). Can we say dramatic? Sigh, eventually his stomach will force him to man dog up.

Saturday afternoon, Jon and Aedan both took long naps and I got comfortable on the couch and watched a movie (I love Netflix!). Then yesterday evening Jon’s niece came over to babysit and we went out to see True Grit at the Alamo with our friends Jason and Meredith. We all really liked the movie and it was nice to spend some time with good friends. About 30 minutes after we got home, it started pouring. It has been raining off and on ever since.


Today it is rainy and cold, so we are just relaxing at home. I did run out and grab a Sunday paper this morning (and some donuts for breakfast). I am going to attempt to do some couponing. I just hate how much I spend at the grocery store every week. Hopefully it goes well!



The Haynes Family said...

I'm glad ya'll found a gate that worked for you! :) Hiro is so funny... hopefully the food will motivate him. ;)

Chelsa said...

Yay for finding a gate!
Boo to a stressful work week!
Glad you had a fun date night and a good wk/end though!