Jan 19, 2011

A New Home for the Video Monitor

We have had a video monitor for Aedan for about 6 months now and I love it! It has always lived on the corner of his crib. Well, always until a few days ago.

Aedan has independent play time for about 20 minutes every day after his morning nap. I just go in and turn on his light and some music and give him some toys and he happily (well mostly happily) plays in his crib until the time is up. I even taught him how to turn on his music toy on the side of his crib. I know that he has noticed the camera before, because he will stick his face right in it from time to time. But he had never actually grabbed it before, until now.

Earlier this week, while I was finishing up getting ready, I was watching Aedan play on the monitor. All of a sudden the whole screen is covered with a little hand. Then the camera did some Blare Witch moves and I was looking at the ceiling, then the side of the crib and then the mattress. I started laughing and grabbed my camera, because you know, I have to document these things for the blog, right?

Anyway, I went to his room and this is what I found…


That would be Aedan eating the camera. I took it out of his mouth and put it back on the side of the crib and this was his reaction…


So now the camera has a new home, next to his crib…


I think he is saying “hey! I was playing with that mom!”.

He is such a mess!



Erin said...

This is so cute :) They get into the funniest things don't they?

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

haha he is so cute! Are you able to put it on the wall at all? That's where ours is currently..