Jan 4, 2011

Back to Work

Yesterday was the first day back for both Jon and me, after having two weeks off. Ugh, neither of us was ready. We had gotten very used to just sleeping until Aedan woke up and then one of us would make him a bottle while the other changed him. While one was feeding him the other made breakfast, and then we all just kind of lounged around for the morning. Typically we would get ready for the day while Aedan took his morning nap. It to have the great time off and Aedan enjoyed getting to spend so much time with both of us.

Then yesterday came. Alarm clocks went off and we were forced to get back into the swing of things. Usually Jon’s commute consists of walking down the hall to our office, but for the month of January he is going to be going onsite for a few different jobs and even to a week long training in Minnesota. Um, Minnesota in January?!?! I’m not sure Jon even owns warm enough clothes for that trip!

After Jon left for work yesterday morning, Aedan and I jumped back into our little routine. While he played after breakfast, I got started on emails that needed to be returned and calls that needed to be made. After his nap, we had lunch and then headed over the the sitter’s house. I dropped him off and then drove up to one of my client’s house for a meeting. We live on the south east side of town, Aedan’s sitter is on the south west side and then my client is on the north east side. By the time I got home, I had made a huge full circle around Austin. Lovely. Luckily, Jon was able to picked up Aedan and I was able to use the toll way to get home. I don’t like paying but it is sooo nice to not have any traffic when driving home at 5:30, especially when the drive means going from pretty far north all the way south!

While it definitely wasn’t fun going back to work after having so much time off, I did have one thing that I was really looking forward to on the DVR…

image I know. I know. It is a silly show and full of mindless drama. But I can’t not watch it. Jon got a new Xbox game over the weekend so he was happy to play, while I got comfortable in bed to watch 2 hours of silly girls and lots of drama. I’m hooked. The vampire girl anyone? Crazy! For the next few weeks I will be hanging out in front of the TV, tuning in every Monday night. Oh and if you watch the show, or even if you don’t, you have to check out this blog. She does a recap of each episode and it is hilarious!

What about you guys? Was it hard to get back into the swing of things after the holidays?



Nicki said...

I watched it this morning since the Orange Bowl was last night. Should be an interesting series (as always!) :)

The Haynes Family said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Lauren :)