Jan 12, 2011

Things We Love Part Ten

I just realized hadn’t done a post about the things we have loved this last month. Since Aedan is still sick, I thought I would do this during nap time.

Aedan got lots of new toys for Christmas so that is what a majority of these items are from. He got two trucks and he loves them. They are played with at least once a day. He is really good about rolling them on the floor and crawling next to them. When I see him do this I feel like he is so grown up. I mean that is what toddlers do, not little babies!


He also got a ring stacker. He loves to get two of the rings and crawl around. Sometime he will go over and bang the rings on the tile or the wall or clap them together like tambourines.


Over the past couple of months, Aedan has really started to like books. As part of our bedtime routine, one of us reads him a couple of books every night before putting him in his crib. We have been doing that for a long time, but he just now seems to really be enjoying the books. He loves the touch and feel books as well as his first 100 words book.



In our part six post I talked about how we love our space saver highchair. We still use it everyday. I absolutely love that it just attached to one of our kitchen chairs and doesn’t take up any extra room. But when we were visiting grandparents over the holidays we didn’t bring it with us. Jon’s mom had a booster seat that all the grandkids have used so that worked out nicely. Then my mom found this great seat for their place. It was great. I think we may get our own soon since the one we have doesn’t slide under the table like this one can. As Aedan moves towards eating the same foods as us, I want him to be able to sit at the table too. Plus it folds up nicely so it will be perfect for visiting friends and great grandparents.


Finally, this is something we have been using a lot of lately. Aedan has had a running nose for going on a week now and he is sick of me having to wipe it. I originally bought a pack of these to keep in my purse to wipes Aedan’s hands when we went to a restaurant or something, since the pack is much smaller than regular wipes. But now that I have been using them for his running nose, I love them even more. The are great at dissolving all the crusty stuff around his nose and wiping it clean quickly, which is key.


So those are just a few of the things we are loving right now. How about you, what can you and your little one not live without these days?


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