Jan 21, 2011

The Park

The weather this week has been amazing. Another cold front came though this morning, but before that the highs were in the low 60s and it has been nice and sunny. I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and take Hiro and Aedan out to the park on Wednesday afternoon.

We used to take Hiro out to Auditorium Shores at least 3 times a week. He has always loved running around and playing with the other dogs or flying out into the water to go after his beloved squeaky ball.

Oh and just so you can see that he is really not that obsessed with his ball, here are a few old pictures…




As you can see he really doesn’t care about the ball at all. Haha!

Anyways, it has been forever since poor Hiro has gotten to chase squeaky ball at the park. He was so excited when we pulled into the parking lot, he just about jumped out of the window. He had a blast chasing after the ball and Aedan had fun watching him run around. Although every time Hiro would dive into the water and start swimming away towards the ball, Aedan would start to cry. Then when Hiro got out of the water Aedan was okay again. I don’t know what was wrong. Maybe he thought Hiro was leaving? The two of them have become best buds, it is too cute!

I didn’t bring my camera with me this time but this is what Hiro looks like when he goes after the ball…



Both boys crashed when we got home, so I think they both had fun.


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