Apr 18, 2011

TV Watching

We don’t watch commercials. I’m sure most people don’t watch commercials anymore with the invention of DVRs and such. But not only do we not watch commercials, but we don’t fast forward through them either. How? I don’t know, but it is one of the many benefits to having a computer guy for a husband.

We don’t have cable – shocking since I am a TV lover, but it hasn’t been too bad. We get basic channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, etc.… and I can watch most of my cable shows online (you know like Army Wives, Teen Mom and the Real Housewives of where ever) – as you can see I only watch quality TV. All I need is for TLC to jump on the band wagon and put up full episodes like everyone else!

We watch TV through Xbox media center and Jon has some program that goes through our recorded shows and takes out the commercials. Best.thing.ever.

Well almost the best thing. See, while I love not sitting through annoying loud commercials, I don’t love that I miss previews for new shows. I tend to miss the first episodes of new seasons because I miss all the ads that announce the air date. Tragic right? I know, it is tough.

It happened on Friday. I miss the first episode of the new season of Friday Night Lights.


I heart this show. And guess what? It is totally filmed in Austin. Not only in Austin, but a lot of it is filmed on the east side of Austin, our stomping ground. One morning Jon and I were driving to our favorite breakfast place and drove right by Ray’s BBQ.


Luckily I am watched the first episode online this morning (instead of getting work done) and I have already set up my fancy DVR, so next Friday I will be watching episode 2 without commercials.


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Chelsa said...

I'm jealous of the not fast forwarding through commericals!

i agree tlc needs to get onboard with full length episodes!