Apr 22, 2011


Sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh at life’s situations. I can think of hundreds of times where the only thing I could do was laugh…

There was the time that I lost my drivers license on our honeymoon in San Francisco. It was our second day out on the town and we decided to do a lot of walking and shopping around the city. I thought I wouldn’t want to carry a purse around (I have never been a big purse fan) and for some reason I thought I should carry my license, so I put it in my back pocket. Then right after this picture was taken, I realized it was not in my pocket anymore.


We retraced all our steps to no avail. It was a little stressful, you know since we were on our way to Napa Valley the next day (apparently they assume that if you go to Napa, you are old enough to drink and no one asked for my id). Then of course there was the whole getting on a plane to come home with no id. But everything worked out and a few weeks after we got back, someone mailed me my license, which they had found on the vary corner this picture was taken…all you can do is laugh.

Then there was the time that Jon woke up hearing Hiro go in and out of the doggie door over and over. He got up to find out why, and when he turned the porch light on he saw every single pair of my shoes spread across the backyard. When I asked what was wrong, he said “Lauren don’t freak out, it will be okay” Needless to say I jumped out of bed and when I saw my flats, my boots (including Uggs), my tennis shoes, etc…I just had to laugh. How can you get mad at this little guy (although he wasn’t quite this small when he carried out my shoe collection)…


Then there was a an afternoon a few days ago. I made Aedan a smoothie and put it in this type of cup. He loved it. imageWe then headed outside to play with his sidewalk chalk. He was having a blast walking around with his smoothie, when he saw a small glass candle on the table on our porch. He walked over an grabbed it. Me, being ever so smart, told him to  “put it down”, instead of walking over and taking it from him. He has been really good about listening all week and guess what he did? Yup, he put it down. Just let go and let it drop to the concrete. Of course it shattered, so I quickly scooped him up (he was totally fine) and put him in his swing. While I went to grab the dust pan, I gave him his smoothie to drink. Just as I got the glass picked up I looked up at Aedan, who was covered in his smoothie. Apparently the top of his cup had come partly off and in my hurry to get the glass picked up, I had not noticed. He was basically sitting in a puddle of berry smoothie and had it everywhere. Sigh, I just couldn’t win. So I laughed. Then Aedan started to laugh and clap his hands. And few paper towels later we were good to go.

What about you all? Have you found yourself in a situation and the only thing left to do is laugh?



Nicki said...

Mathis lost his wallet on the day of our wedding. He looses things all the time, but like you -- we were so worried about having to fly on our honeymoon without his ID. Fortunately a groomsman found his wallet before we flew out, but it still had us worried or laughing in this case! :)

Nichole said...

Funny, after the fact, stories! Thanks for sharing! :o)

Chelsa said...

thank for sharing your "just have to laugh" stories!