Mar 10, 2011

Where Has the Week Gone?

Um, where has the week gone?!? I was on the phone with one of my clients on Wednesday and I kept saying things like “ok, I’ll see you on Thursday” or “we can talk about that on Thursday”. Finally, she asked me if I realized tomorrow was indeed Thursday. Um, what? Seriously in my mind it was Monday or Tuesday. While I am super excited about the weekend, but I had too much on my “work” plate for the week to go by so fast!

I have since caught up on my days and my school observation for tomorrow was cancelled which is a plus because I was going to have to spend the afternoon writing a report about the observation. So my day was full and now it is open. Aedan is still going to the sitter’s house for a couple of hours, so I am going to get some errands run and maybe if I have time, I will get a pedicure. :)

SO, my sister and I are pretty different. She is definitely on the extravert side and I am much more of an introvert. She loves being around large groups, and I would prefer to be in a smaller group or even alone. So we may be different personality wise, but there are some things that are pretty similar.

Case in point, this last weekend, when she was in town, we did some shopping. At one store we grabbed a bunch of different clothes and headed to the dressing room. We each put on an outfit and then came out to show each other. Guess what? We were in the exact.same.outfit. Exact shorts, tank top and shirt. Seriously? Then there is the time that we went shopping with my mom and split up to head to different stores. When we got back together, we realized we had bought the same things. Or the time that we both gave my grandmother the exact same birthday card. My sister had mailed hers from Plano and when I gave my card to my grandmother, she opened it and started to laugh. I asked her why, and she brought me Kym’s card. Too funny.

So after this last weekend, I told my sister that she should just start buying two of everything she buys for herself and put it on my tab. Well just this week, she found a super cute tank top and some red flats that I have been looking for. She bought each for herself and one for me. :) Looks like I have my own personal shopper, LOVE IT!



Chelsa said...

everyone thinks i'm really outgoing, but honestly i much prefer small groups or alone too!

i would love a personal shopper! that's funny about you and your sis! my mom and i are the same way (i never would of admitted that when iw as younger, but we are!). it is nice when it comes to gifts b/c she always knows what i will like!!

Kymberly said...

I like this entry! We really are too funny when it comes to buying the exact same thing. Can't wait to see you Tuesday! :)

- Love,