Mar 18, 2011

My New Toy

Did I tell y’all that I got a new toy? No? Well, let me tell you…

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I went to coffee with some good girlfriends. Two of them were talking about their e-readers, one with a nook and one with a kindle. So I came home and mentioned that I thought I wanted an e-reader.

You guys, I have to tell you, if I tell Jon I want something like new jeans (or really clothes in general), new shoes, new makeup, new things for the house…you name it, he is not too excited about it. He generally gives me a little bit of a hard time and then lets me buy what I need want. BUT as soon as I tell him I want some kind of electronic toy, he is grabbing the keys so we can go to Best Buy or he starts researching options online. Seriously, every time.

So of course he was all about an e-reader. Well actually he thought I should go ahead and get a full on tablet (like the iPad or the Motorola Zoom).  We went and checked them out and I was set on having something small, so the iPad was out. I was also set on having an e-reader and not too interested in a full tablet (Jon still thinks that is crazy). I decided I did want something with a web browser because, while I love reading books, I also love reading blogs. Thus, I decided on the Nook Color.



I am in love. It is perfect. I have always, always loved reading, but ever since having Aedan, I had gotten out of my life long habit of reading before bed every night. I am happy to say I have been reading every night again and I think it helps me fall asleep better.

Oh and since I have a tech-savvy hubby, I have a souped-up Nook and can download android apps like Facebook, Google Reader and my favorite Zillow (I am obsessed with looking at houses and always have been).  Love it, love it, love it. Now I am just waiting on the Austin Public Library jumping on the eBook rentals. Then I should be set. :)



Erin said...

I've been looking at those . . . how fun :)

Nene said...

yay! i remembering commenting that I was in love with my NookColor- I'm glad you're in love too :) It is awesome!

Chelsa said...

i have a kindle- but ever since seeing someone's nook color i've been super jealous!!!
glad you love it :)