Mar 22, 2011

Our Day

Last week Aedan was pretty fussy all week. Have you all every heard of Wonder Weeks? Me neither until Aedan was about 2 months old. A forum that I am a member of has a little information on them…

The Wonder Weeks describes in easy-to-understand terms the incredible developmental changes that all
babies go through during the first 60 weeks of their lives.

During these Wonder Weeks, babies tend to be more fussy and clingy.  Sleep is usually affect too. There is a website that you can sign up for email alerts for when these weeks are coming based on your baby’s birthday. Well for sure Aedan has fallen in line with each of these weeks. I tend to dread seeing those emails in my inbox! Some have been easier than others, but this last one was rough. Aedan was super clingy and fussy for a lot of the day.  I was worn out by the time bedtime came around.


Luckily, Aedan seems back to his normal self (which is still on the fussy side from time to time) and we had a great day! This morning we went walking with my friend around Town Lake. It was nice to be outside and working out while enjoying some good company. This afternoon, Aedan took a 3 hour nap since he missed his morning nap this morning…I love that he makes up his sleep. :) I was able to get a lot of work done so that when he woke up, we had lots of time to play.


Tomorrow Aedan has his one year check up, so I will be sure and post his weight and height then. I just know he has gotten so much taller.



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Chelsa said...

blah- those weeks make me want to throw a fit and cry right along with them! glad he is back to his normal self!

he's such a cutie!