Mar 7, 2011

Aedan’s First Birthday Celebration (1 of 3)

This past weekend my parents and sister came down to celebrate Aedan’s birthday. They are going to be on a trip next weekend, so we decided to celebrate a week early. On Friday night they brought my grandmother over for dinner.

First we let Aedan open his birthday gifts.


Let me tell you, Aedan hated tissue paper and wrapping paper at Christmas. One afternoon when I was trying to finish up wrapping presents, Aedan just about lost it when I got out the tissue paper. Well, apparently in the last few months, he has decided it is the coolest thing every. He was super excited about it.


He got all kinds of fun new toys including a boat for bath time, a little people farm, some books and his own cell phone. :) Unfortunately, right after I took these pictures, my camera died. Fail. Luckily we had other cameras and cell phone to document the occasion.

After he had his dinner, we gave him his first cupcake. I gave him a mini un-iced cupcake at lunch for practice and he promptly threw it on the floor, so I wasn’t sure what he was going to do. We sang happy birthday and I helped him blow out the candle. After first he wasn’t sure what to do, but that is probably because everyone was staring at him.


Obviously he figured it out pretty quick and decided that the chocolate icing was pretty yummy. The whole time he was eating, he kept saying “mmm mmm”.

On Saturday, my sister and I went to boot camp and then she went off to meet my parents to go to a family friend’s wedding. Jon, Aedan and I went down to Cabelas to shop for gun safes. Now that Aedan is getting more mobile, we decided it was definitely time to get a safe. Aedan had fun pushing the shopping cart around and looking at the giant fish. My parents and sister came back over after the wedding and we all had fun hanging out at home.

Sunday morning, we headed over to our favorite breakfast place. Aedan had fun eating my pancakes again and the waitress said he was one of the best behaved babies that come in. Hopefully he will stay that way.

For the rest of the day we just hung around the house and enjoyed the end of the weekend. We have a busy week and lots of plans for Aedan’s actual birthday next weekend.


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Chelsa said...

Yay, glad he loved his cupcake :) I'm eating one right now!

Love the cute profile picture of him!!

I'm still in denial that our babies are one!

Although, they do just keep getting more fun!