Mar 24, 2011

A Day on My Own

Today is one of the rare days that Aedan goes to the sitter’s house and I don’t have a client to see. Usually this happens once a month or once every other month. These are the days that I can run around and get errands done as well as some work (can I get a amen for not having to take a baby in and out of the carseat at every stop!).

So after dropping Aedan off with the sitter, I headed to the post office. The post office intimidates me. I’m not really sure why. Maybe because the people that work there are oh so cheerful. :) Anyway, I had to go and I figured a time without Aedan would be best. A few weeks ago we orders and Ergo carrier. We got the sport one and while Jon and I thought it was great, Aedan was not a fan. It is super light weight and the material is mesh which would be perfect for the summer here. We were excited about being able to carry Aedan on our backs for hikes at the greenbelt, trips to the park and even music festivals. While Aedan loves to ride on Jon’s back when they play, he was not a fan of being strapped to our backs. It was basically and all out fight just to get him in the carrier and then he spend the whole time trying to get out. Sigh. Looking back I wish we had just got the Ergo from the beginning. Don’t get me wrong, we loved our Baby Bjorn, but you can’t carry them on your back with that one and I feel like if we had gotten Aedan used to this carrier when he was younger we would be able to use it now. Oh well. Luckily I ordered it from Amazon and they have a great return system. I just printed my return label, stuck it on the box and dropped it off at the post office. Done.

From there I decided it was high time I get my car washed. I have washed and vacuumed it myself a few times during the past months, but I figured it was time I actually paid to have it done. Jon suggested that I just vacuum it myself and then go through a drive through carwash. Well, let me tell you, I do not like to go through drive through carwashes. Why? Well because of my mother. See when I was little I was never a fan of the carwash. I remember sitting in my carseat and holding my mom’s hand when we would go through one. As I got a little older, my mom thought it would be oh so funny to roll down the windows and then roll them up just in time before the water started to fall. Um, I hated this! Seriously worst thing ever. My mom thought it was funny. She is one of those people who will short-sheet your bed, put toothpaste in your Oreos or wet noodles in your sleeping bag. I’m pretty sure in college she put a dead frog in her roommate’s bed and even had a friend hide in the backseat of my dad’s car to scare him when he got off work. I’m telling ya, you have to watch out for her. :) Anyway, to this day, I hate going through carwashes. So I took my car to one of those places where you get out and they drive your car through the wash and clean the inside and everything. So nice!

Next stop, McDonalds. Shh, don’t tell Jon, he hates that place. But sometimes you just need some McDonald’s fries, right? So I ordered my small fries and small drink. When I got my order, I realized their small fries have totally become medium fries. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy getting more for my money with most things, but I do not need to eat a huge thing of fries.

While eating my small medium fries, I drove to my favorite work spot. There is a private library that has a wonderful deck on the second story. They have a fountain out front and you can sit outside in the shade and just listen to the sound of the water. Love it! There is usually not too many people there during the day so it it perfect.

On my way to the library I passed a house for sale by owner. It looked super cute and it is in a neighborhood I would love to live in. Of course in this neighborhood houses are 3, 4, some probably 5 times more expensive than our house, so not exactly in our budget. Sigh. So there I was sitting outside this perfect little house enjoying my fries, when a car pulls up at the house. Awkward. A coupe gets out and they wave at me so I roll down my window and ask if this is their house. The lady says yes and asks me if I want to come take a look. I let her know that I was sure it was way out of my price range, but she and her husband insisted. Remember how I said I love looking at houses, obviously I wasn’t going to pass up a chance so I decided to take a look., I have found my dream house. It’s in an older neighborhood with tons of trees, and they have redone everything inside. New kitchen cabinets, appliances, countertops, floors, windows, bathrooms, everything. It was perfect. Unfortunately it is way out of our price range and we aren’t even planning on moving for a couple of more years. Anyone want to lend us a hefty down payment? No? Oh well, it was fun to look inside…


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Lari said...

Akk, where to start. It was like I needed you in front of me while reading this post. It would have turned into an hour long conversation! Anyway, we had exactly the same thing happen with our Ergo. I didn't start out with it, then decided to fork over the money to get one and Elan didn't care for it. I've only used it a few times, and now we make him walk everywhere. BUT... I kept mine... wishful thinking... that I get to use it on Baby # 2. I can dream. Secondly, Elan hates drive-thru car washes, too! I made him face his fears last weekend and he SCREAMED while we waited for the 2 cars in front of us to go through. But, at the end of it all, he did just fine. And he even earned a piece of gum for not crying while we were in there. :) Anyway, looking forward to getting together soon!