Mar 17, 2011

12 Months

Oh goodness, I can not believe I have a 1 year old! I keep thinking “last year at this time we had just come home from the hospital…”




Aedan, here is what you have been up to lately…

  • Your one year appointment is next week, so we will find out how much you weigh and how tall you are then. I am guessing you are around 23 lbs. You haven’t gained much weight over the last couple of months, but you have gotten sooo much taller.
  • You wear size 12m or 12-18m clothes, size 3 diapers during the day and size 4 overnight.
  • You sleep from 7:30-7:30/8 most every night, although this last week you have been waking up around 4am, crying and then falling back to sleep. I think you are working on some teeth and wake up uncomfortable. :(
  • You take two naps, usually 1.5 hour in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.
  • You love love love breakfast bars and fruit for breakfast and overall are eating lots more table food.
  • We switched you over to milk a couple of weeks ago and you love it, but not when it is cold. We are slowly working towards you drinking a cold bottle and then we are going to work on moving from bottles to sippy cups.
  • You love to clap and point and you recently started waving hi and bye to everyone, too cute!
  • You still love music and will dance/sway to just about any tune, but you have a few favorite albums. As soon as we turn one on, you will come from anywhere in the house and start dancing.
  • You would play outside all day if I let you. Your goal right now seems to be learning how to walk in and out of the backdoor (there is a small step down). You have just about mastered it.
  • Speaking of walking, you are taking more and more steps everyday. You can stand for a good bit of time on your own and are getting more confident about taking steps. I think you will be walking, well probably running everywhere by this summer.
  • You have gotten a little more clingy over the last couple of weeks, I am hoping it is just a short phase. You lose it every time I leave you at the sitter’s, but she says you calm right down as soon as I am out the door.
  • Aedan, you have a little temper and are nice and stubborn just like your daddy. I think we are going to be in for it when we get to the terrible twos!
  • You love to look at your books, knock down towers, play with your farm and push your toys all around the house.



Aedan, you definitely keep us on our toes, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. We love you so much! Love, Mommy.


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Chelsa said...

he's so precious!
who do ya'll think he favors? i'm just always curious as to what parents think :)

i had to laugh that you posted he was trying to master the step out the door b/c we were at the new house last night and i had the door open and that's exactly what C was doing!