Mar 31, 2011

We Love Books

I love that Aedan has reached an age where he loves to look at books. I have always loved books and reading and it is something I hope to pass on to him. There are few things better than getting totally swept away to another time/place through reading.


Obviously right now Aedan is more in the look at pictures, point to fun things and touch different textures stage of reading, but still he loves his “ook”.


Of course he doesn’t just look at one book at a time.


It’s way better to get out all your favorites and have them spread around you.


I love when I get sneak in with my camera and just capture him doing things like this.


Of course it is short lived, because he quickly realizes that I have that black thing that makes noise…


But check out this walking baby with his big boy haircut (man oh man, that is a whole nothing post!!).



Nichole said...

What a cutie! :o) Anderson loves book too. He even blabs as he "reads" the book now. So cute!

Chelsa said...

we love books too! :)
the touch ones are C's favorites. he slams the pages really hard and fast right now so we're sticking w/ hard board books for awhile! lol

is A's shirt old? or made to look old? we have a shirt that looks like that that was my hubby's best friend/room mate's from college when he was a baby and he gave it to us when B was born. i put it on C the other day! anyway sorry that was random!

Lyr said...

These pictures are so cute! SO CUTE