Mar 12, 2011

Things We Love Part 12

WHAT! Part 12!! I was just looking back at my posts from last year around this time. I was so ready to meet Aedan! I was DONE being pregnant. Like so done that I rearranged our bedroom furniture and even mowed the back yard in hopes that it was start labor. I had always heard that getting a pedicure could put you into labor and guess what, I got a pedicure the night before I went into labor. Next time I will have to remember that because getting a pedicure is better than mowing the yard any day. :)

Ok, so back to our favorite things. I thought I would do two posts this month. One of things we are loving this month and then one of things I think we really got our money’s worth from all year.

Here are a few things we love right now…

Aedan got this farm from my parents for his birthday. We play with it everyday and he is in love with the pig. He tried to grab the pig when he first saw the toy in the box and has loved it ever since. He wants to take it to bed and in the car. He gets a big smile on his face when he sees “piggy” sitting across the room.


Now that Aedan is attempting to walk and pushing things everywhere, we needed to invest in some real shoes. We went to Stride Rite a few weeks ago and got this pre-walkers. They were definitely pricy, but I love how flexible the bottoms are. They are perfect for the stage he is at. When he is full on walking, I am pretty sure we will go back to shopping at Target/Old Navy for shoes, but these are pretty cute for now. :)


I got this book as a gift before Aedan was even born. We read it a lot around Christmas time and it has become his favorite book. At night I grab another book and start to read, and Aedan will just try to close the book and wiggle around until I pull out Peekaboo Christmas. It is a touch and feel book as well as a peekaboo book so it is pretty much perfect. He loves it.



A few months ago, I started to give Aedan a breakfast bar instead of oatmeal occasionally for breakfast. They are sooo messy, but he loves them. He gets all excited when I start to open the package.


Aedan loves to push things around. He is the happiest when he is walking around and pushing things generally lets him get around. We have a few different push toys and while he plays with them all, his favorite is this little airplane. My mom and I found it at a consignment store for $10. I pulled it off the shelf and all Aedan wanted to do was push it around the store. We were planning on making it a toy that stayed at Nonnie and Pop’s house, but it was love at first sight and had to come home with us.


Stay tuned for our Things We Love Wrap Up Post and Aedan’s 12 months/1 year post!!



Erin said...

I'm pretty much convinced that our little men would be buds if we loved closer . . they seem to love the same types of things :) So much fun!

Chelsa said...

Oh my goodness- this is just too much! We have that same piggy (and cow and sheep etc) and C is obsessed w/ the pig too! He always goes to it first and carries it around with him!

C also loves breakfast bars, but you are right they are such a mess! He always ends up with it everywhere, but especially in his hair- yuck!

I didn' tknow that about the pedicure- too funny!