Aug 28, 2013

Phone Pictures


It is finally getting slightly cooler in the late afternoons and evening. We are kind of pooled out, so we have been trying to get out to the park after nap time when we can.



One afternoon, we decided to take a little walk after playing for awhile. We had just started walking when we saw a bunch of deer. We have tons of deer around here and we see them all the time, but usually just when we a driving through neighborhoods and such. Hiro and Aedan were pretty excited and immediately ran after the deer…needless to say we didn’t see them again after that! Ha!


Aedan needed help walking across this beam last year, now he is totally a pro.



We watched an episode of Handy Manny one night and Aedan has decided to change his name to Handy Manny and wear a hat and a tool belt everywhere. It totally cracks me up because I think we have had this hat for about 2 years now and I tried to get him to wear it on several occasions. He has always refused. Until now. Since Handy Manny has a hat on, obviously he needs one too. :) This morning I did a teacher training for the teachers at his preschool and a couple of other preschools in the area. Aedan came with me to play and insisted on wearing his little get-up and also me introducing him as Handy Manny.



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