Off to Kindergarten and More

Aedan had his first day of school on Monday!

It was rough getting up so early! We are all tired this week!

Adelaide giving Aedan a kiss goodbye. She tries to mother him all the time and it is hilarious!

All unpacked and sitting at his table.

He has had a great first week. He is making new friends and likes his teacher. He has even done really well with the long days. Me on the other-hand? I miss him so much. I knew it would be hard but the first 3 days were really hard. Since then each day is getting better. I don't like change, and this is a big change! I know we I will get into a new routine and adjust. 

This one doesn't start school until next week so she has been enjoying lots of 1:1 playtime and errand running. She loves to be on the go!

Adelaide did have her first dance class this week. I knew she was ready for some type of little class and most things like gymnastics and sports don't start until 3 years old. So we are trying dance this Fall. How adorable is she?

The class was so cute and the teacher is so good with them. I think she had a lot of fun!


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