Sep 4, 2015

Ready for the Weekend!

Second week of kindergarten is over. We I survived. Aedan is doing really well. He is still a little clingy at drop off, but he is getting more comfortable. He loves his teacher and is making lots of new friends. They get stickers everyday for appropriate behavior and he has gotten a sticker everyday. He has also earned lots of "cat cash" dollars for extra good behavior. Last week, this was the note his teacher left.

He has told me a few times that school is too long and takes away all his play time. :( I think so too! We are ready for a laid back 3-day weekend around here.

Adelaide got to start school this week! She was so excited, until I dropped her off. Then she screamed. I was surprised. This is her second year at preschool and she rarely cried last year at drop off. I think it just different this year, without Aedan there also. She snapped out of it about 2 minutes after I left and had a great time both days.

Now that we get up at the crack of dawn, Aedan has started taking pictures of the sunrise. He loves taking pictures with my phone and taking pictures of sunsets are his favorite. Now sunrises are becoming a favorite. He took these one morning from our back porch. 


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