Sep 18, 2015

Pools and School Picture

I haven't felt like I have much to blog about. The days are just flying by and we are all getting into our new routine. School is going great for both kids and I think fall weather may be just around the corner. We have had a couple of days of beautiful weather and it makes me so ready for cooler temperatures.

Last weekend, we had dinner with my sister-in-law's family. The kids had a great time. I was visiting with my SIL inside and I looked out and saw Adelaide in the pool. Apparently this is what happens when daddy is in charge outside...naked in a cold pool. Having a blast of course! Ha!

Aedan had school pictures taken last week. The hard copies aren't in yet (they are coming soon, so be on the lookout great-grandparents and grandparents), but I also ordered a digital copy which came today.

We are headed to a picnic dinner in the park to bring on the weekend, should be a great one!


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