Oct 5, 2015

Busy Busy

The weeks are just flying by! The weather has cooled down slightly and it has been so nice outside. I am so ready for fall!

Aedan lost his first tooth last weekend! It is funny because the one he lost was not even the tooth that was very loose. His second one is hanging on by a thread and I am sure will be gone in the next few days.

Face painting fun at a birthday party last weekend!

Since I rarely get a picture of the two of them together. 

She always watches TV with such a serious face. She also usually is sitting with a babydoll and her Minnie Mouse doll.

Last weekend, Adelaide said she wanted to paint her feet. Jon let her go crazy on the front porch with paints. She had a blast. They are lucky to have such a fun daddy!

Now that we get up early 5 days a week, we really enjoy lazy mornings at home on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I looked over and saw this. Aedan watching TV and using Hiro as a pillow. They are truly best buds and I love seeing them together. 

We had a great weekend! Bring on Monday!


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