Oct 30, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Adelaide!

This girl turned 3 today!

Adelaide, here is what you are up to these days...

  • You go to bed around 7:30 every night and come out of your room around 7:30 every morning. I hear you up talking to yourself for awhile before you fall asleep and before you get up every morning, but you rarely come out early. 
  • You nap every afternoon from about 1:30-3:30. I think you will probably drop your nap before Aedan did (which was just over 4 years old). 
  • You are very independent. You are pretty sure you can do anything Aedan can do and you don't want any help. A few weeks ago, we let Aedan go wash his hands on his own at a restaurant. After dinner was over, you hopped out of the booth and just started walking away. We asked where you were going and you said you were going to the bathroom. Obviously we didn't let you go alone, but the whole time you wanted us to stay back so you could do it "myself". 
  • You love to pick out your own clothes, which is totally new to me since Aedan still lets me pick out his clothes. 

  • You love to run errands. If someone is leaving the house, you insist on going with them. I took you to Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago and we just walked up and down every Christmas aisle. You loved looking at everything. 
  • You can be pretty bossy. You have no problem trying to tell any of us what to do!
  • You are still not a good eater. You survive off milk and maybe some gold fish or popcorn. You like fruit and will attempt to eat a few bites of vegetables but you will not touch any meat. 
  • You love to play with your baby dolls. You feed them, change them and put them to bed. You love to take them in the car or push them in your doll stroller at the park. 
  • My parents gave you a dollhouse that belonged to me and Emmie when we were little. You LOVE it. 
  • You also love to play with Aedan. You guys will dress up as firemen, knights, etc. You are just as good with a play sword as you are with your baby dolls. :)
  • You are a daddy's girl. You love to sneak into Daddy's office and I will find you sitting in Daddy's lab while he is on a conference call. 
Adelaide, we just love you so much! You are such a special part of our family. You are so loving and sweet while having a spunky side that makes us laugh every day. You are so precious to me and I have loved getting to know your little personality. I can't wait to see the next year brings!

Love, Mommy


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