Dec 5, 2016


We started the week before Thanksgiving with lunch at both kids’ schools.

Lunch with Aedan…

2016-11-15 11.24.18

This popped up on my Facebook memory feed. It’s from Aedan’s first Thanksgiving lunch at preschool, 4 years ago!

2016-11-15 18.05.37

Lunch with Adelaide…

2016-11-17 12.31.49

We picked Aedan up from school a little early the Friday before Thanksgiving, and headed up to East Texas to visit Jon’s parents. They live on a farm and the kids had a blast. Two of Jon’s sisters also came, so all the cousins got to play.

2016-11-19 09.55.14

2016-11-19 09.59.18

2016-11-19 09.59.41

2016-11-19 11.25.56

2016-11-19 11.54.38

2016-11-19 11.56.26

2016-11-20 12.37.02

2016-11-20 12.39.56

2016-11-20 12.40.46

On Thanksgiving we hosted Jon’s parents and grandparents. It was the first time I was in charge of the whole meal instead of just a side dish/dessert. I made a HUGE grocery trip that Monday and actually managed to not forget anything. Adelaide started off in the cart, but I had to kick her out because we ran out of room!

2016-11-21 10.39.38

I cooked ALL day on Wednesday. I think I was in the kitchen from 9am until 5pm. But I got everything prepared so that on Thursdays all I had to do was heat everything up (we got a smoked Turkey, which made things easy too!). Everything came out really well!

2016-11-24 09.47.22

This is about how we all felt on Friday after Thanksgiving. Ha! We were thankful for a quiet weekend just hanging around the house.

2016-11-25 16.15.42

I did a little Black Friday shopping online and we got the house decorated for Christmas!

2016-12-01 09.11.21

I think that catches me up! The kids only have 2 more weeks of school until Christmas break so hopefully I can get all the present bought and wrapped before then!


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