Dec 7, 2016

Catching Up

December is here and I never got around to blogging about October/November!

Early October, my friend and I made these cute fall/winter wooden decorations. They turned out so cute and I love seeing it on my front porch everyday!

2016-10-08 19.03.35

2016-10-08 19.03.48

We got this unit from Ikea to organize Aedan’s Lego collection last year. I finally got around to making signs for each bin. We spent an entire weekend sorting a million Lego pieces and vowed to stay more on top of it now!

2016-10-09 16.27.22

Raylan is getting huge! He is a big snuggler and wishes he could sit in a lap all time!

2016-10-21 22.46.11

Aedan had a fall fair at his school. So fun!

2016-10-22 14.14.29

2016-10-22 14.28.51

Both dogs know they are not supposed to get on the couch, but when no one is around they love to sneak up.

2016-10-25 09.30.53

Aedan’s school has a program called Watch DOGS, where dads can volunteer for the day. Jon has done two days this semester and Aedan LOVES it. Jon gets to spend most of the day with Aedan’s class.

2016-10-31 07.52.07-1

For Halloween, we all dressed up again. I suppose it is becoming a thing, so we are going to have to think of costumes for next year. Jon was Forest Gump, I was Jenny and Aedan was Stampy (a Mindcraft character) and Adelaide was Elsa.

2016-10-31 18.16.41

For Adelaide’s birthday, my aunt gave the kids this huge stuffed longhorn.

2016-11-05 19.49.32

When I say huge, I mean HUGE. Here he is on the couch with Hiro (who is 100lbs). The kids LOVE him.

2016-11-09 09.01.06

Next up…Thanksgiving!


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