Oct 11, 2013

Phone Pictures

I need to make every Friday a phone picture day!

This week was pretty busy, I was looking forward to a slower week next week, but looks like that is not going to happen…maybe the week after??

On Wednesday, Jon took the day off and we kept Aedan home from school. We went out to breakfast and then to the zoo. Aedan has been asking to go to the zoo since July. I kept telling him we would go when it gets cooler. The past week it has been cooler in the morning and every day when Aedan let’s Hiro outside, he always tells me we need to go to the zoo now. He was super excited and had a great time!


Adelaide loves to play outside just as much as Aedan does. We have been spending a lot of time in the backyard after dinner each evening. Too bad mommy gets covered in mosquito bites! I am looking forward to when Adelaide can walk around better and play a little more independently. Although this is what she does already so who knows what she will be doing when she is more independent.



I love how Aedan is in the background sweeping. He is totally my son! Unfortunately, I have a feeling Adelaide is going to be the messy one!


Aedan just started asking me to take his picture after months and months of running away every time I tried. Hopefully this keeps up since we have family pictures coming up in a few weeks!


I’ve been highlighting my hair since college and I finally decided enough was enough. I love the way it looks right after I get it done, but I just don’t have the time (or money) to keep it up. So yesterday I had it dyed to my natural color. The lighting is not the best in this picture, but I love it! I think it will be a lot less maintenance now.


We are in for a rainy weekend, but we have some fun things planned so I am excited! Happy Friday!


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