May 25, 2012

Busy Week/Random Updates

It has been a busy week! Between my regular client overlaps and team meetings, training a new therapist, doctor’s appointments and playdates we haven’t had much down time all week around here. I’m excited about the 3 day weekend ahead. We don’t have much planned so hopefully we will have lots of time to relax!

My doctors appointment went well on Tuesday. Baby’s heart rate was around 150, which I think is slower than Aedan’s ever was. I had to take Aedan with me again, and he did great. When we got home he told he had a baby in his tummy too. :) While I was there I scheduled my big ultrasound appointment for June 19th! I am thinking about having a little gender reveal party that following weekend since we will have some family in town. I am just torn because if I do that, then I guess Jon and I wouldn’t be able to find out at the ultrasound appointment and we would have to wait until the weekend to see what we are having. I’m not sure I want to wait any longer. :) I have had a dream that it is a boy and then another dream that it is a girl so I guess I don’t have a gut feeling either way. What do you think?

I was pretty excited to see this guy win on Wednesday night!!

I hope he is able to release some of his own songs on his first album!

Speaking of music he official ACL lineup was released and it looks like Gotye is going to be there. I just knew it! There are a lot of other good people/bands on the list as well. However, Jon and I have decided not to go this year. It will be the second year we have missed since we started dating. But seriously, I will be 37+ weeks pregnant and the last place I will likely want to be is walking around outside with thousands of other people. Now we just have to remember to not go anywhere in the city that weekend to avoid the crazy crowds and traffic.

I love a lot of things about our new house and neighborhood, but this week I have really been loving having a pool just down the street. Aedan gets up from his nap around 4, then we usually play until 5 and when Jon is done with work. Then we head down to the pool for an hour or so before dinner. Aedan loves it. He wasn’t too sure about swimming last summer, but this summer he is a fish! He starts asking about the pool as soon as he wakes up from his nap. I’m thinking about buying him one of these so he can been a little more independent in our big pool. Our neighborhood pool also has a baby pool that only gets about a foot deep so it is perfect for him to play with his toys in. I know where we will be spending our free mornings and afternoons this summer!

This evening we are planning to do a little shopping, go out to dinner and pick up some frozen yogurt for dessert at a nearby outdoor mall. Not a bad way to start off the holiday weekend!


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