May 11, 2012

Friday Randomness

And another week goes by…

We had a great weekend in Plano, although Aedan caught some kind of 24 hour virus. He ran a high fever all day and night on Saturday. He and I were up quite a bit Saturday night and it was tiring! I realized how much of an adjustment it is going to be to have a newborn up at night again. Hopefully this one will take after Aedan and start sleeping through the night around 8 weeks.

Jon had a good trip as well and his friend Aaron took some great pictures…


We all got home on Monday and both Jon and I had Tuesday off. I was off all week since I felt like Monday and Tuesday were weekend days. It did make the week go by super fast!

Oh and another thing that came out of the weekend…I causally mentioned that I had fun watching TV at my parent’s house since they have cable. We haven’t had cable for over a year now and honestly I haven’t missed it all that much. But I do love some HGTV and TLC from time to time. Usually when I bring up getting cable, Jon just sighs, but this time he said let’s do it. :) He said I wore him down. Whatever. I think he secretly wanted it too so he could watch his soccer games. Time Warner came out Wednesday and got it all set up. We got the whole nine yards including HBO so we can watch Game of Thrones. Aedan is pretty happy with the On Demand Pre-School channel too.

Speaking of which, I am off to enjoy some Pioneer Women On Demand while Aedan takes his nap. Another rough Friday for me. :)


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