Aug 10, 2012

Changed Our Minds Again…

Remember when we got cable?

Ya, that was a waste. I guess going a year and a half without it kind of curbs the habit of watching it. Honestly, I think I recorded maybe 2-3 shows a week and then rarely even watched them. Mostly the DVR was filled with Barney and Sesame Street, both of which we can get anytime on Netflix.

So as of Monday, we turned in the cable box and shut off service. We can now put the ridiculous amount cable was costing us towards something more fun. We are thinking about getting the new TIVO so we can use the DVR function to record over the air shows, but most of those I can watch on Hulu. So we are going without anything for the month of August and then see what we want to do.

We have an Xbox in the living room so we can watch Netflix and Hulu through that and right now that is really all we need.

Speaking of TV, Jon and I like to watch seasons of TV shows together and usually wait until the whole season is over so we can watch an episode each evening after Aedan has gone to bed.

We finished up Justified a few weeks ago…love it!

Now we are watching The Wire. It took me a while to get into it, but now I really like it as well.

What are some of your favorite TV shows?


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