Aug 7, 2012

Aedan’s Big Boy Room–Sneak Peek

Daddy came home late Friday night and we are so happy to have him back! Hopefully he won’t be doing much more traveling before the baby comes, although for the time being he is back on the project that requires him to work Friday and Saturday nights from 10pm-6am. Yuck!

Anyway, I am now in my third trimester (baby update coming soon!) and we are starting to go through all our baby stuff and get the nursery ready. Part of that process meant getting Aedan some big boy furniture, so we could use his crib and dresser for the baby. Luckily my parents had an extra bed and dresser that worked out perfectly.

They brought it down when they came in town last week so this weekend we set up Aedan’s big boy room. I still have a few things to hang up on the wall and I have some projects I am hoping to get done for his room before I get busy with a newborn, but the big stuff is all done.

Here is a sneak peek…


He loves it! I think he was so ready for a bigger bed. After his first night, I asked if he liked the big boy bed and he told me it was amazing! Haha!

More pictures coming soon!


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