Apr 2, 2014

Phone Pictures

I haven’t felt much like blogging lately. Not sure why. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of thing soon!

Here are a few phone pictures from the past couple of weeks…

This girl is too funny. She was trying so hard to fit the dog and the balloon and herself in the car. I sent this picture to Jon and told him she needed him to buy her and SUV already. Ha!


There will always be something fun about climbing and sitting in a box!



Aedan decided it was a train. He was the driver (sitting in the box lid) and Adelaide was the passenger.


Aedan hates when I take pictures of him, but he loves when I take pictures of his toys. I showed him how to take a picture and he took this one of his robot. I think he named this one “Chimmie” (not to be confused with his stuffed dog “Trimmie”).


Jon was out of town for a night last week. I can’t remember what I made for dinner, but apparently Adelaide wasn’t a fan. As I was cleaning up, I heard her rummaging around in the pantry. A few minutes later, I saw her speed walk to the living room with her arms full. I followed her over and discovered this…4 bags of gold fish and 2 bags of fruit snacks. Aedan was pretty excited about the fruit snacks. He has figured out how to open the packages himself so they are like a little team. She steals them from the pantry, brings them to him and he opens them. Sigh.



Last but not least, I just posted this one on facebook. We are wearing blue today for autism awareness. Light it up blue!



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Kerri said...

I go through phases where blogging is the last thing I feel like doing too.

Your kids are ridiculously adorable. I love how your daughter helped herself to a more preferable dinner in the pantry. Macey does the same thing.