Apr 24, 2014

Being Prepared

Now that I have two kids, I generally carry around a decent size purse.

I have never been a big purse person. In fact when I am out without kids, I usually just have my wallet, keys and phone. But, two kids need stuff. Like snacks, and water, and wipes, etc.…

I try to carry as little as possible and now that Adelaide is almost 1.5, I am starting to see the light at the end of the “carrying a billion things everywhere” phase.

When I just had Aedan, I would just keep some diapers and wipes in the car and just bring some water and snack with me. Actually, I guess that is what I do now, I just have to bring two waters and two snacks. I have never been one of those moms that has a bunch of stuff with them. So far it has only been a problem 2 times.

First time…about 2 years ago, I was at the Wild Flower Center with Aedan and some new friends and their kids. Aedan and his friends were playing near a little creek. And of course, Aedan slipped. He basically just sat down in a few inches of water, but he was pretty unhappy about it. Did I have extra clothes with me? No. Did I have extra clothes in the car? Nope. I pretty much thought we would have to go home and our little adventure would be cut short. Luckily, one of the moms had some extra clothes for her son and she let me borrow some.

Second time…a few weeks ago, the kids and I were at the park with a few of the same friends from the above story. This park has a pond next to it. Aedan was having fun throwing rocks into the water and guess what happened? Yup, he slipped and got all wet again. This time our park date was over and we headed home. I asked Aedan what we should learn from this and he told me that we should never got to that park again. Ha!

I have learned that apparently my son has a knack for falling in water and I finally started carrying and extra set of clothes and a towel in my car.



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