May 8, 2015

Muffins for Moms

Yesterday was Muffins for Moms at the kids’ school. It was such a fun morning!

2015-05-07 08.46.48

2015-05-07 09.05.00

2015-05-07 09.05.19

Such a big difference from last years Muffins for Moms! Apparently, I like to wear purple to this event. Ha!


After the school party, Aedan’s class had a special little party for all the moms. It was so cute!

2015-05-07 09.27.35

2015-05-07 09.29.00

2015-05-07 09.29.54

2015-05-07 09.53.31

Such a special morning with my two favorite kids!

Oh and just so you know, our days are not all sunshine and roses, this is the text I sent Jon about 5 minutes before we had to leave for school yesterday morning.

2015-05-07 10.32.53

Fun times over here, let me tell you! We are potty training this weekend. I thought I could hold her off until after our vacation, but I’m done. White flag thrown. She insists on taking off her own diaper, wiping herself and then trying to put on a new diaper about a thousand times a day. She is more than ready.


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