Nov 17, 2015


A couple of weekend's ago we had a little party for Adelaide. Talk about dragging her birthday out! With her birthday so close to Halloween, it is hard to have a party the same weekend. So we had it the weekend after.

The day before it rained all day, but it cleared up and we had a beautiful afternoon the day of the party.

Aedan's school does student lead conferences. The students each have a binder where they fill out graphs and such based on the skills they have learned. The parents come and the student walks his/her parent through the work. It was fun and so great to see Aedan so proud of his work. Afterword, we got to decorate pumpkins.

All of a sudden both kids are into arts and crafts. This is a common scene at our house now. 

 This one keeps me on my toes and is pretty hilarious. This is how she arrives at the gym or at school on a regular basis.

This past weekend, was the Fall Fair at Aedan's school. They had a helicopter the kids got to get in. It was super cool!

They also had a cool rock wall to climb. I think Aedan looks so grown up here. 

Aedan had to disguise a turkey and decided he wanted to make it Chewbacca. I think he and Jon did a pretty good job.  

Today, the kindergarten classes put on a Thanksgiving play. It was super cute!

Family pictures are done and Christmas card have been ordered. I'm looking forward to getting our Christmas decorations out next week!!


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