Aug 12, 2008

Our long conversation: part 3

Our first date...

I had come back to Austin with my family the weekend after the kite festival. I was busy with them on Friday and Saturday, which left Sunday for our date.

Around 3pm I met Jon at Mozart's (a wonderful coffee shop on the river). We enjoyed some tea and talked by the water. From there we headed over to St Edward's campus. They have an amazing view of downtown and it was a great place for us to walk and talk. Since neither of us was hungry for dinner yet, we decided to go walking down South Congress Ave. There are a bunch of cute shops along the way and the whole time you can see a picture perfect view of the capitol. After lots of walking we decided to get dinner at Frank and Angie's, were I showed off my amazing pizza eating skills (can you hear the sarcasm?). The slices were HUGE and I of course made a mess of embarrassing! Once dinner was over we took a quick drive to the capitol and enjoyed more walking and talking. To end the night we had ice cream at Amy's Ice Cream. The guys that work there will toss ice cream across the street and if you catch it in the bowl you get it for free...very fun to watch.

By the time we said good night it was 10pm. We had been together for 7 hours and it didnt seem like enough time. The next morning I heading back to Plano and when I got home I had a sweet email from Jon waiting for me. It said that he had fun as well and looked forward to our next date :)

Stay tuned for Our long conversation: part 4 (the first kiss)

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