Jul 28, 2011

Bringing the Bouncy Chair Back

Yesterday, when I picked Aedan up at the sitter’s house, she opened the door and said I had to come see where he was hanging out. I walked across the room and found him lounging in a bouncy seat. Yes, my 25lb 16 month old hanging out in a seat made for a little baby. He looked ridiculous! I wish I had had my phone with me and had a picture of it. The bouncy seat was practically laying flat with him in it. The sitter said he kept going over and getting in all morning. Silly boy!

When we got home I told Jon about it and he decided to go get Aedan’s old bouncy seat out of the garage. When Aedan woke up from his nap, he was pretty excited and decided he needed to have snack in his “new chair”.



He has grown up a lot!!


He spend the afternoon crawling in and out of the seat and bouncing on it like it was a trampoline.


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Chelsa said...

too cute!! when we were on vaca my cousin had her bouncy seat out and corbin had fun playing on it too!