Jul 27, 2011

Spending Diet–Update

So we have been at this little spending diet for 13 days (only 2 days to go). I have to be honest, we have cheated a time or two three. BUT I have not been to Target once in the last 13 days, which is pretty huge. I tend to get bored during the day and just go to Target. I usually never leave empty handed so while I don’t spend too much at each trip, the total adds up quickly.

So where have we cheated?

Well last Wednesday Jon found out he was going to have to go to LA to help with a Dell commercial over the weekend (it’s not for TV, but he totally got to be in it! If we get a copy of the commercial, I’ll post it!). So on Thursday night we decided to get veggie burgers from P.Terrys. BUT I had taken our jar of coins to the grocery store and got cash so we used that money (I will also be using some of that cash when I go to girl’s night tonight, yay for margaritas and girl chat!!). So it was kind of cheating and kind of not, right?

Then I totally found the perfect jacket online at Old Navy and it was on sale (no doubt due to the warm hot front that seems to be everywhere). I have been looking for a jacket like this for awhile now and I just knew it would be sold out if I waited to buy it. So I cashed in our Discover points for an Old Navy gift card and ordered it. It came yesterday and I love it. Too bad it is going to be like 4 months before it will actually be cold enough for me to wear it!



Cheat number three is all on Jon, but it was for me so I am not complaining. I was a little jealous that he got to go to LA for the weekend and I had to stay home. He did have to work, but he had all day Saturday to explore and he kept telling me about all the stores and restaurants he could walk to from his hotel. Lame. So I had mentioned awhile back that I wanted to get this wallet from Vera Bradley. It is just like my beloved fossil wallet that I used for years (I even bought a second one and used that for a long time, but sadly the zippers broke on both of them). Well when Jon got back on Sunday, he causally left a shopping back on the table. It was from a bookstore so I figured he had picked up a book for his trip back. But it was the wallet I have been wanting! I was super surprised. :)

And I guess I should admit I have used my business credit card at Starbucks a couple of times over the last two week when I was working or doing interviews. BUT since that is work, I don’t think it counts. :)

Now with only 2 days left, we are already planning another spending diet for the last part of August and who knows maybe I will hold off on going to Target for a whole month.



Nicki said...

I think you guys are doing so great! And your honesty is very refreshing. :) It sounds like you got a great deal on that jacket and that the wallet was a sweet memory you'll always share with your hubby!

I'm trying to back off the spending myself -- mostly because it stems from boredom (like you mentioned with your Target trips) and from a discontent heart (when I think I don't have enough).

Great job on your "diet"! Keep up the good work and tips on what helps!!

Chelsa said...

Thanks for the update! I think you're doing great :)

And that jacket is super cute!