Mar 13, 2014

4 Years Old!

Today is Aedan’s 4th birthday! In some ways I feel like I have known him forever and it some ways I feel like it was just yesterday that he was a little baby. Where did the time go!

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5-19-2010 9-59-26 AM



Aedan, here is what you have been up to lately…

  • You go to bed around 8:15/8:30 (although you still stay up talking to yourself for awhile after that). You wake up around 7:30 most mornings and you still nap from 1:30-3:30/4 everyday. I am wondering if you will still be napping when you start kindergarten!
  • You still love milk, although you don’t drink as much as you used to. Sometimes you eat well and other days you eat nothing. You love everything sweet. You tell me all  the time that fruit snacks are your favorite. You definitely have my sweet tooth!
  • You have the biggest imagination! We have a million toys but you are always finding something random and pretending it is a laser or a walky-talky or anything else.
  • You love to just stay home and play. You have gotten into Legos which is so fun!
  • You go to school three mornings a week now and while you still hang your head out the door and call after me when I leave, I am happy to say you haven’t cried at drop off once this year.
  • You still love to rough house with daddy and run around with Hiro.
  • You are really good with Adelaide. Now that she is into everything, you do a pretty good job of sharing your toys and you always watch out for her. I here you telling her to watch her fingers when you close the back door. You guys also love to play together in the bathtub. Unfortunately this usually results in lots of water on the floor.
  • You still talk all the time. Daddy and I can’t have a conversation without you trying to jump in. Usually you will say “excuse me” and when we pause you will just throw out some random story or bit of information just so you can be the one talking.
  • You still prefer to hang out in your shirt and underwear. As soon as we get home, you take off your shoes, socks and pants!
  • You are still pretty dramatic. You and Adelaide play sword fight. She loves when you immediately fall to the floor dramatically when she barely touches you with her “sword”.



Aedan, you have grown up so much this year! I just love watching you grow into your own person. You are all boy most of the time, but you have a big heart and are sweet and kind at the same time! You are such a blessing to our family and I can’t imagine life without you. We love you so much! Happy Birthday!! – love, mommy.

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