Feb 26, 2014

Phone Pictures!

It’s been awhile again! At least everyone has been well this time! I’ve just been busy with work. So here are some pictures of life lately…

Adelaide is obsessed with finding Aedan’s clothes. She will pull his pants or underwear out of the (clean) laundry basket when ever she can. Jon put this pair on her head that she had been carrying around and she thought it was the best thing ever.


We spent a morning at Cabelas a few weeks ago. Both kids loved checking out the fish (alive) and the animals (not so alive). Aedan wanted the animals to move and make noise. Then he found this little outdoor kitchen set up and immediately started “cooking”. I think he could have stayed there all day!


This is Adelaide’s new picture face. As soon as she sees me with my phone out for a picture, this is the face she makes. Clearly she is not lacking in personality.


My parents where in town this past weekend and my mom was able to stay over through Monday. We took the kids to Zilker to ride the little train. I hadn’t been on the train since I was a little kid! It was such a fun morning!



Aedan and Adelaide got to a in-home daycare when I see clients. Nana has been so wonderful and has been watching Aedan since he was 12 weeks old! Her husband is a fireman and she made Aedan this super cute fireman shirt using some of his old patches. It is so fun and Aedan loves it!!


This is the pose I got when I asked Aedan to show me the other patch. Clearly this one is not lacking in personality either. Ha!



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