Feb 17, 2014

Back on Track

Ugh, last week was possibly the longest week ever!

We all passed around a pretty nasty stomach bug. I think it hit Jon and I the worst. It was no joke. I dealt with some pretty severe morning sickness with both pregnancies, but I’m not sure that holds a candle to the 8 hours I was down with this bug! Thankfully, Aedan and Adelaide had a pretty mild case. None of us had it at the same time, which made for a long week of being stuck at home!

I have completely cleaned my house twice now. If it could be wiped down with Clorox or washed in the washing machine, it has been. Jon and I still find ourselves washing our hands an extra billion times a day and when we go out, I just can’t stop thinking about the germs everywhere!

Everyone was better by Friday so we got to enjoy the weekend. Here are a few pictures from our weekend a few weeks ago. We all love taking long walks together!



Jon’s birthday is tomorrow and I am pretty excited about the gifts I got him. He always says he doesn’t want anything, which was the case this year as well, but I think I did pretty good coming up with a few things. Tonight he and Aedan are going to see the Lego movie and tomorrow we are having a date night!

Happy Monday!


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