Nov 3, 2014

2 Years Old–Adelaide

I can’t believe you are already two! Sometimes it feels like you were just a baby yesterday. I have to say, I love having a toddler over a baby. I love knowing you and your personality so well now.

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Adelaide, here is what you have been up to lately…

  • You weigh 23 lbs. (15%) and are 32 in. (10%), which is small but right on the growth curve you have always been on.
  • You wake up around 7:30 every morning, nap from 1-3:30/4 and go to bed at 7:30 every night. A few weeks ago, Daddy had to be up at work before you woke up and was gone until after you were asleep. He started going in and picking you up to rock you when he got home because he missed you. In the mornings you would tell me about it…”Daddy, night night” while pointing at the rocking chair. You loved it and would love to be rocked to sleep by Daddy all the time.
  • You love milk. You would seriously drink a gallon a day if we let you. You also love gold fish. You ask for “pish” at every meal. Speaking of meals, you are probably the worst eater ever. I am not sure how you are growing. You like a few things, but you will not touch any meat and only will take a bite or two of raw veggies. You basically take a bite or two at every meal and that is it. I am hoping you get better eventually.
  • You love to play with your baby dolls. You push them in the stroller, put them night night, feed them bottles and change their diapers. It is so cute to watch.
  • You love to play outside. You favorites include swinging, climbing up the slide (I know!), trying to convince Aedan to drive you in his jeep, and blowing bubbles.
  • You love watching Elmo, Thomas or Baby Signing Time.
  • You carry around a num num just like Aedan. I thought I was doing well by having two the same color for you, so we could have a back up. Fail. Now you just prefer to carry around both. You have gotten good at only taking one out of the house and at school you put your num num in your back pack at the beginning of the day on your own.
  • Speaking of school, you are doing really well. You seem to have a good day every time you go. You don’t cry at all when I drop you off.
  • You love to smile at everyone. Including when you do something you know you are not supposed to do. You just tilt your head to the side and flash a cute smile. Ha!
  • You have been talking more and more lately. Lots of two word combinations and lots of new words all the time. You are still hard to understand at times but it is so cute to hear you talk to us about everything. I know it is just a matter of time before you are talking as much as Aedan and when that day comes, I don’t think anyone else will get a word in around here!

Adelaide you are such a fun little girl. You are smart, funny, stubborn and so cute! We just love you to pieces. Love, Mommy


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