Nov 10, 2014

Halloween Weekend Recap

We had a fun Halloween weekend!

Friday morning the kids and I met my parents at Zilker park. We rode the little train and played at the playground. It was a really fun morning!

My parents needed to take my grandmother to some doctor appointments that day, so the kids and I took their dog, Tootsie, home with us. Both kids love her so they were pretty excited! This was my view during nap/rest time. Ha!


That evening, my parents came over for dinner and then we went off to trick-or-treat! Aedan decided last minute that he had to be Iron Man. Luckily I had a friend come to the rescue with the perfect costume for us to borrow. He insisted on bring his knight shield with him (which was his original costume!).  Adelaide was a garden gnome who refused to wear her hat, but she looked pretty cute anyway.


We walked to a decent number of houses before coming back and sitting with our neighbors to pass out candy to the later crowd.

Once the kids were down for the night we broke out a game of Cards Against Humanity with my parents. Jon ordered it a while ago, but we hadn’t had a chance to play it yet. Oh my gosh, probably the funniest game ever. Definitely not appropriate, but very fun!

On Saturday my sister came up and we had a little family celebration for Adelaide’s birthday. Last year, we did a big birthday with both sides of the family and lots of friends. It was fun, but we just didn’t get to visit with everyone. This year we split it up and spent time with each side of the family on different weekends and then we had a friends party this past weekend. I think it is going to be our plan going forward with both kids birthdays.

Anyway, we had a nice dinner with my parents, sister and grandmothers. The kids had a blast playing with all the toys my parents have and opening Adelaide’s new gifts.

photo 1 (4)

Sunday we spent some more time with my sister and just relaxed the rest of the day.


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