Mar 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Aedan!

How can my baby boy be 5 years old! It has gone by so fast!

3-14-2010 2-48-03 PM

5-19-2010 9-59-26 AM


Aedan you have grown up into such an awesome little boy! Here is what you are up to theses days…

  • You no long take naps, although you have rest time in your room every day for 1.5 hours. Usually you just play but about once a week you fall asleep, usually on the floor next to your Legos.
  • You wake up around 7:30 am and go to bed around 7:30 pm. I know we are in for a big adjustment around here when you start Kindergarten in the fall. We will probably have to be leaving for school at 7:20!
  • You have become a pretty good eater (or maybe you were just so picky for so long, and now you are eating normally which seems great to us). You don’t like chicken, but will eat just about any other meat. You don’t like your veggies cooked but will eat lots of raw ones. You like fruits and of course sweets, but overall you eat pretty healthy.
  • You love to play with Legos, transformers, army men and blocks. We have a huge set of wooden blocks and sometimes you build huge cities and other times the blocks are different things like Vikings or soldiers fighting big battles.
  • Recently Daddy taught you how to play your first computer game. You play a few games on the iPad, but this one is all on the computer and pretty complicated. You love it and have gotten pretty good.
  • You are very helpful and truly a rule follower. For the most part you are very compliant and don’t get in trouble very often. At school, your teacher loves you and tells me that you are so sweet and such a good listener.
  • You are very good with Adelaide. Now that she is talking a lot more, you two play together more often. You are really great at watching out for her and protecting her. Sometimes you boss her around a little but she needs that every now and then. Ha!
  • You prefer to stay at home rather than go just about anywhere. Since Daddy works from home, I let you stay home and play as much as I can. You do really well. I just leave you a snack out and give you some ideas of activities to do.
  • You love to wrestle with Daddy and you guys are always pretending to be some kind of soldier or fighter and using various weapons to fight the bad guys.
  • You and Hiro are best buds. You are the first person he greets in the morning and I usually have to make him leave your room at bedtime. You are in charge of letting him out every morning and feeding him breakfast (both of which you do now without anyone reminding you).
  • You get ready all on your own. On school mornings I usually lay out clothes for you, but you can also pick out your own stuff.
  • You and I like to cuddle on the couch and watch shows while Adelaide finishes her nap. I know these moments are numbered so I cherish them all.  You also love for me to scratch your back before you fall asleep every night.

2015-03-13 10.50.04

Aedan you are such a kind and considerate little boy. You are always very aware of how everyone else is feeling and try your best to make people feel happy. It has been such a privilege and a blessing to watch you grow these last 5 years. I am so proud of the person you are becoming. Your Daddy and I love you so much. We could not imagine our family or lives without you in it.

Happy Birthday baby boy! We love you!! Love, Mommy.


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