Mar 25, 2015


For Aedan’s birthday, I brought donuts for the class and burgers for us to have lunch together. He was so excited to have me eat lunch with his class. It was lots of fun! I know I only have a few years where he will be excited to have me come up and eat lunch with him at school, so I will enjoy it while I can.

2015-03-12 12.09.09

The birthday student gets to stand on the table while the class sings happy birthday. Such a fun thing for them to do!

2015-03-12 12.42.39

We had a party for him the weekend after his birthday. This year we let him invite his whole class. It was so cute to see them all together. We rented a bounce house and got these adorable cupcakes from a local bakery. The weather was gorgeous and we had a lot of fun!

2015-03-14 11.32.32

2015-03-14 17.02.39

We had spring break last week, and just did a lot of hanging out. Jon and I did book our first family vacation for the summer. We are headed to the beach and I am so excited! Hoping the kids enjoy their first plane ride, hotel stay and beach experience!

Today is our 8th anniversary! Hard to believe it has already been 8 years since this…



We feel pretty blessed to have had a wonderful 8 years. Looking forward to many more.

Tomorrow, I register my baby boy for kindergarten. Someone pass me a tissue…


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