May 25, 2016


We have been busy!

At the beginning of last week, Hiro got sick. After throwing up for most of the day on a Sunday,  we took him to the vet Monday morning. Looks like he had a stomach ulcer. He wasn’t eating or drinking much of anything for the entire week. I was so worried about him. But by that Friday, he was back to himself, just in time for us to bring our newest addition home!

2016-05-15 16.13.26

Adelaide is transitioning out of taking a nap. She still takes one a few times a week and if she goes two days in a row without a nap, this is what I usually find in the late afternoon. Ha!

2016-05-15 16.14.33

I can’t remember if I ever blogged about it, but we decided to get a new puppy! We set up his crate one evening and this is what we found a few minutes later. She made herself right at home.

2016-05-17 19.26.54

Last week, I got to go on a field trip with Aedan’s class. We went to a Children’s museum and had so much fun!

2016-05-18 11.07.41

2016-05-18 11.14.49

While Aedan and I were there, Jon and Adelaide had a day of fun too…

2016-05-18 11.39.18

This past Sunday, we brought home our new little guy…Raylan. We had been talking about getting another puppy but not necessarily this soon. One afternoon a few weeks ago, I saw a post on our city Facebook page about golden doodle puppies. I showed Jon expecting him to say no. Obviously he didn’t and here we are! He is super cute!

2016-05-22 14.34.01

2016-05-23 13.36.32

2016-05-24 13.21.51

To say Adelaide loves him may be an understatement. She refers to him as “her” puppy. Both kids adore him and have been really helpful with taking care of him.

2016-05-23 08.46.30-2

2016-05-23 16.10.15

Hiro has been a good sport but is kind of wondering what we were thinking!

2016-05-23 09.30.59

Adelaide has her last day of preschool tomorrow and Aedan has his last day next Thursday. Summer is almost here and we are so ready!!


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