May 3, 2016

Spring Time

A couple of weekends ago we got to go to a parade and carnival in town. The kids had a blast!

2016-04-24 12.45.13

2016-04-24 12.51.58

This is one of my favorites. These kids have been friends since the bigger ones were just little two year olds!

2016-04-24 13.21.40

After one of Adelaide’s soccer game I caught them sitting together watching some big kids playing.

2016-04-23 11.39.29

I took this picture a few weeks ago…

2016-04-23 13.37.20

And it reminded me of this one…where has the time gone?!?!

IMG_0802 (2)

Aedan at his school art show. I can’t believe the school year is almost over! It has been a great one!

2016-04-14 18.32.46

And just because she is cute and she knows it!

2016-04-17 17.10.37


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