Jul 21, 2016

Summer Time

We have thoroughly been enjoying summer. Sleeping in, lazy mornings before heading out to the gym or pool. Coming home for lunch, then some rest time and TV watching and usually back outside to ride bikes or swim with friends before dinner. I don’t want it to end!

4th of July cookout with friends…
2016-07-04 19.58.17

2016-07-04 19.58.54

This one insists on picking out all her own outfits, including shoes. I finally moved a stool to her closet and now she pretty much gets ready on her own.

2016-07-06 18.58.07

At the beginning of the summer, Adelaide did not want to put her face underwater and she did not like jumping off the side of the pool. Now she is a full on swimmer. She can jump in anywhere and swim to a wall or ladder all on her own. I can’t believe how far she has come in just a couple of months!

2016-07-08 18.11.29

We went to see a cute magic show with my parents a few weeks ago.

2016-07-09 15.06.31

2016-07-09 15.06.55

Adelaide did a little mini dance camp at the YMCA. She loved it!

2016-07-13 10.52.34

Raylan is doing great as well. He loves when we open our door in the morning and he can run in to greet us. He is not big enough to jump on the bed, but I am sure the day is coming.

2016-07-16 08.53.14

The kids have been playing so well together. Most days they ask to do “rest time” together so they can play. I love finding the Lego Friends and the Lego Star Wars guys playing together.

2016-07-18 08.51.52

2016-07-13 16.29.46

We’ve got some fun stuff planned for the last month of summer and then 1st grade and preschool will be just around the corner!


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