Aug 1, 2016

Mini Vacation

Last week, we took the kids down to San Antonio to stay at the J.W. Marriot. It is a beautiful resort with a very family friendly waterpark attached. It was so much fun. Both kids have already been asking when we can go back.
We didn’t take many pictures since we were in the water most of the time. We did take some video clips with our old school camcorder…you know, before phones could take pictures and videos. For some reason I can’t up load those to the blog.

This is the only picture I have of Aedan. He is zoned out in my sunglasses. Ha!


I think Aedan took this one. Not sure what Adelaide is doing.



This one loved the activity pool. It was the perfect depth for her. Deep enough to swim around, and shallow enough for her to touch. She would have stayed there all day!


Aedan loved the slides. There were 2 tube slides where he spent the most time. There were also two body slides. Jon talked Aedan into going on one. It was so high! I watched him go down and my stomach dropped. He liked it but said he didn’t want to go again until he was 8. Ha!

Overall, it was lots of fun!
Hiro stayed with my parents and didn’t want to come home…probably because my mom gave him can food, table scraps and lots of attention. Plus Raylan wasn’t there. He spend a few days at a doggie daycare. He did well and came back so tried!

2016-07-21 17.57.39

Hard to believe school is only 3 weeks away. I would say overall, I am not ready for school to start, but after grocery shopping this morning with both kids, a little break might be nice.


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