Sep 4, 2008

Quick post

this week has flown by! i can't believe it is already friday...not that i am complaining!

unfortunately jon had to go to kansas today :( dell is sending him all the way there when he could totally do the job remotely from our house. oh well, i am sure it has something to do with keeping the customers happy. jon is so good at his job, he has to go into situations where the customers (big companies not just individuals) are not exactly pleased with dell. sometimes their machines have broken or need updates that require down time. anyway, jon goes in and he always manages to get the job done as well as change the attitude of the customer. he even has customers that request him to come out again the next time they need help. it also doesn't hurt to have my very own personal tech guy around the house :) although occasionally it back fires...he is always playing around with our home system and making changes. i come home and my computer doesn't work or won't print, etc...

today when i came home i had an email from jon telling me to check out a website. the link took me to a website for the dell mini 9 (the new dell netbook). look how small it is! i have been talking about how my lap top is too heavy to carry to school and how someday i want something smaller. this is perfect! it is tiny and light, and is perfect for being on the go. it doesn't have huge storage and it doesn't have a cd or dvd drive, but other than that it is a regular laptop. i think we are going to get one! it will be so easy for me to take to school (since all my professors post their powerpoints online). it would also be great to take on vacations! jon said he was going to look more at it tonight...i'm keeping my fingers crossed that that means he is going to buy it tonight....right perfect husband of mine?!?! :)

okay so here is my productive weekend plan...
later this afternoon i have to go to a meeting...i am really excited because it is for the little girl i go to school with and her teacher is coming too! i think it is great that she is willing to take a couple hours after a long work day and come meet with us, because she truly wants to make the classroom environment the most productive for this little girl...very cool! after the meeting i think i am going to take hiro out to auditorium shores to get some energy out...he loves to play with the other dogs and swim. once that is done i am planning on coming home to finish my research. i need to read and review 2 more articles and i want to finish it up before jon gets home tomorrow.

saturday: i am going to wake up early and go shopping! i need to buy some new clothes for work and i want to pick up some fun accessories. jon gets home around 1 so i need to be done by then so we can spend the afternoon together. i will have to think of something fun for us to do tomorrow night.

sunday: jon has his first soccer game of the fall season. he joined a new team over the summer and is going to continue to play with them this fall. i really like this new team, the guys are all very nice and so are the wives/girlfriends (which makes it even more fun to go watch). unfortunately i am not going to be able to make the first game :( i have to meet with my class partner to compile our literature review paper that is due on we just started class last week and we already have papers due...yuck!

well i think that is all i have planned right now...keep your fingers crossed about the netbook...i NEED/want one!!!

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